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Standards of customer service

I had a technical fault with my machine. The firm were very helpful and very quick to sort it out.
Well done. Richard C.

Got rid of old oil smells in the kitchen!

This did amazing at removing the smell of oil in my kitchen. Even after wiping down everything at first, that did not remove the smell. It wasn't until I bought this and left it running for a few days, that the smell finally went. Incredible!

Surprisingly effective

We use it mainly to cut down on cooking smells that are not removed by our cooker hood. However it also gives a fresh feel to the air indoors on days when it's too cold to have the windows open all day.

It Works!

We have 2 kittens who use a Smart Litter Tray which scoops automatically. Even so, odours build during the time they use it & the time it scoops. Since getting the Smell Away the odour is removed in a matter of minutes. Much safer than using air freshener spray or plug-ins as they can be harmful to cats. Just plug in and forget. Brilliant!

Works reasonably well.

It makes a significant difference! We have 3 dogs in the house and really notice a difference in smell, we are very happy with the purchase.

I am enjoying the freshness the Smellaway gives to the lounge and bedroom. The reason I haven't given a five star is because it hasn't taken all the kitchen smells away. I think this maybe due to age of cupboards which have probably absorbed all the smells over the years, plus there is no extractor fan - we are going to do a deep clean so hopefully this will sort it out. The ordering and delivery very good.

We left pot of rice pudding left on stove on high for 2 hours!!

We left pot of rice pudding left on stove on high for 2 hours!! There was a veil of smoke all over the house! + AWFUL smell. Kitchen door was ajar to allow cat get access to cat flap! I opened all windows and doors all the time I was at home-it was -5 up here in Scotland) burned pot went in bin! Washed down cupboards - even on top. Dismantled and cleaned and replaced filter paper in kitchen hood. ! With soda crystals and vinegar water. Took curtains to dry cleaners. Washed walls as best I could reach. used boxes of shake n vac type powder in carpets and left for a day- washes as many surfaces as I could, sprayed fabrese and used smelly pine sticks to use with artificial Xmas trees!! ( never used as they were too pungent! Pine was better than smoke. Even so the smell was still bad. Upstairs I had 2 diffusers with oil of cloves( used for toothache!) diffusers are used to counteract dry air, normally don’t use oils. all bedding was changed-my jackets I kept in the garage ! No smoke there. They were in cupboard under stairs. Smelled of smoke. Now after 3 days with Smell Away it seems I can’t smell hardly any smoke. I’ll put it in another room after a week and see how I get on- but it’s definitely MUCH better after 3 days. I’m definitely keeping it.

Having 3 cats I needed something to try

Having 3 cats I needed something to try. And eliminate their smell, I saw this and thought I would give it a try I did think it was quite expensive, but I am so glad I bought it, it is true you get what you pay for. It really does work especially when they have been using the litter box, I empty straight away put it on and within half a hour can't smell anything so pleased with it.

We were experiencing a dampish smell in the basement

We were experiencing a dampish smell in the basement and tried a dehumidifier but it had no effect. So I did a web search and the Smell Away was the first product I found that claimed it could solve the problem, which it has. It does what it says on the tin.

Product that works

SA1 removes kitchen smells. I can highly recommend it to anyone who don't like cooking odours 👍🏻

Used for kitchen smells - effective and has very low energy usage

I use my Smell Away SA1 to eliminate cooking smells. I generally turn it on in the kitchen while I'm cooking and then leave it on for about 10 minutes afterwards, while we're eating in another room. (Occasionally I use it in the living room too, if I forgot to turn it on while I was cooking or there's a lingering smell when we come back into the house).

The unit works really well when you leave it on for 10 minutes or so and are not tempted to turn it off too quickly. Give it time and it will get rid of the smell. I looked at the energy usage on my smart meter and the energy usage it's super-low :-) so I just don't worry about it being on.

The living room is attached to the kitchen so the unit stops the living room smelling of cooking (which we hate), so it's a great addition to the house.


We feel the product does work but why does it not have an on/off switch. Also the power cable could do with being a bit longer. For a product that costs almost £200 we feel it should have these things.

Works well

Great produce only company that if got got any questions they actually pick up the phone and have someone that knows what they’re talking about
Fast delivery and fan really quiet need to take time to find best position for maximum results , you can tell air is cleaner and fresher after few hours running

Wasn’t sure what to expect

I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a total scam but it actually brilliant. I have had house cats for the last 25 years and so wish I’d have bought this earlier.

House no longer whiffs when we come in!

Would 100% recommend.

My smell away

I bought this device a couple of months ago to get rid of sewage type smell that I had in my hallway. Although I’ve had this looked at by a plumber the device managed to clear the smell within 10 mins of switching on. It actually really works!! My device also had a problem and the team at smell away promptly replaced the faulty and was very engaging to resolve. Both the product and team are amazing! Thank you guys

This was (is!) a real game changer!! We have new kittens in the home which means cat trays full of poo!! The Smell Away placed next to the litter trays has made a million time’s improvement!! VERY highly recommended!

Such a powerful little thing! Got rid of fish cooking smells in minutes!