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Smell away

Was sceptical when buying whether it would actually work, but have definitely smelt an improvement in the living room. Quick delivery. Would recommend.

As described

Used to in the bedroom to get rid of some dry herb vape smell. Worked very well, quite pleased with the smell away.

Excellent product

I have 2 air purifiers at home but still can't remove the cigarette smell from recently move in neighbour. The air quality improves immediately after using Smell Away for an hour. I am now using it 24/7 and hope it lasts long.

In the right space this works

Needs to be in a contained area with no too many draughts. But this machine can take all sorts of pet and cooking smells from the air.

Makes a Difference

Bought this in an attempt to combat the smell from the adjoining flat where the tenant keeps several dogs. It took a while to have much impact but the effect was noticeable after the unit was running for a few days,

Wow it works

Was sceptical on whether this would work, I turned it on near the smelly cat litter and it removed nasty whiffs there, I tried it whilst cooking bacon and a curry and it worked there too, and by the smelly kitchen bin, was surprised and cant wait to keep using it ! Odours are eliminated quickly and the smellaway is very quiet too, fantastic product ! 5*

Does get rid of the smells!!

Was looking for a machine to get rid of cooking smell in a open plan area with heavy strong cooking smells. Got the Smell away machine and within a few hours smells all gone. Cooked a curry dish and turn on the machine and 30minutes no smell at all. Couldnt telll someone just cooked. Works well, high recommend.

Highly effective produce

We bought a Smellaway to combat a sour smelling odour from damp and mould. I noticed a marked improvement the next day and will now use it regularly to manage cooking smells from a small kitchen. Tried a number of other products on the market but this was much more effective

Great to have a switch

Runs quiet. Arrived next day. Recommended.

CanÔÇÖt say I have noticed this does anything for smells anymore than a normal air filter. Kept it only for the air filter.

Sorry youÔÇÖre having an issue, please read the ÔÇśHow The Smell Away WorksÔÇÖ page. This will enable you to resolve any issues you may have. Thank you.

Bought to eliminate marijuana smells from the neighbours property

I bought this to help eliminate the pungent smell from the neighbours property of Marijuana.
It took a couple of hours to get rid of the lingering smell in my sons bedroom. However, it actually works! It has got rid of the smell. I am having to keep it on all the time but it definitely serves the purpose we bought it for!

Great customer service

Had for 10 days not convinced it works well try a few more days was my fist review got a call off the owner who was more then helpful and after sending a video of my location of the smell away was advised to try in different location I placed it on the floor and has since been working well thanks again

Always good to have a stand-by

I had read the reviews about the main unit and decided to take a chance when they had a special off on. For me it wasn't a cheap purchase, but i liked the idea that the replaceable filter would last for 2/3 years based on how intensively it was used. I opted to buy the replacement filter at the same time as it isn't going to 'expire' until it starts being used and who knows how much more expensive it will be in a couple of years' time? So it made sense to buy now and keep it in a cupboard until it is needed. It came well protected by air bags in a very robust outer box. There were instructions on how to fit - basically unscrew the top of the machine, lift the old filter out, drop this one in and **** the top back on. Perhaps some guidance on disposal/recycling options might be helpful, but on the whole, this feels like a well mad product and i am glad i bought ti now, at today's price, rather than at whatever price it will be in two or three years when i need to use it.

Great deal and great customer service too

I ordered a red model when they were on special offer, so i was already getting a good deal. The item was dispatched quickly via UPS and they basically mucked up the job. UPS failed to deliver on the day they stated and then failed to deliver the day they rescheduled for and just dropped the item at a collection point, without ever trying to deliver to my door - the tracking showed that the 'request' to divert had been made by 'Anonymous', so let's assume that was the driver giving themselves an easier day, because it certainly wasn't made by me. When i went to collect the item hadn't been properly registered, so it took a while to establish it had actually been left there.

After the initial faild delivery i found that the UPS website isn't very helpful at connecting you to a human to resolve issues, so in frustration I emailed SmellAway. To my surprise, in the evening i got a personal reply from their MD to apologise and say he would be raising this with their UPS account manager and demanding answers. I had already written a Trustpilot review of UPS when they sent me a 'How did we do' automated email. The response i got was a non-committal 'sorry to hear that', with no indication that they were actually going to do anything to make their service better. Suffice to say that when they called me last night to promise to speak to their driver about what is required of them, the only reason they had showed any interest in rectifying their poor performance was because Smell Away took the time to ensure my complaint was not ignored.

It is reassuring to get such good, customer-focused service and while i was stood at the collection point waiting to see if they could find my parcel, i was annoyed at the further UOS-induced problem, but I wasn't worried that it would be a battle to get a replacement sent if needed. Many companies would have simply said 'Not our problem, speak to UPS', but having had such a supportive response from Smell Away when i let them know the first delivery hadn't happened, i knew they'd be on the case if the parcel had been lost.

In terms of the product itself, it is early days. I have had it less than 24 hours, but i can see it is well made and robust. It is bigger than i thought, at about 40cm high and 20 cm diameter. In use it makes a quiet 'air rushing' sound. I have mine in the bedroom and find that it is not a disruptive noise and given its consistency, is a bit like a very quiet 'white noise' generator that aids in going to sleep. I have already noticed the difference in air quality when i went out and came home earlier and can tell the machine has been doing its job, so i am hopeful for a good ongoing result.

Worth Every Penny And More

After having purchased multiple air purifiers in the past, the SmellAway truly is the best. Albeit pricier than the others, it freshens the air in my home significantly faster, and the filter lasts so much longer than those of any other devices I know. And although it is not among the quietest air purifiers, I do not mind the noise at all. In fact, given my tinnitus, I find the noise quite soothing.

It Works!

I have two indoor cats, I work long shifts and hated the smell of a dirty litter tray when I got home, with this it was a game changer! No smell even though I knew the litter needed to be changed! 100% recommended and the Klarna was an added bonus.

Brilliant value for money

Having tried many air filters to remove the smell of cigarettes in the past this is by far the greatest and the best value for money. I brought smell away 15 months ago and since then it has been in constant heavy use (24 hours a day 7 days a week. Running cost is very low.) IÔÇÖve only recently needed to replace the storage filter. I emailed the smell away team for advice and guidance on replacing the storage filter before purchasing it and they were quick to respond and extremely helpful. The cost of the replacement filter was very reasonable considering how long the original one has lasted. This really is the best, most effective air filter IÔÇÖve ever used.

Filter replacement

I won the filter replacement so pleased I it will save me ££, when mine needs replacing .I am so pleased I purchased the full system it does what it says it does,and with 3 cats, it works a treat as I cannot use oils or waxes as 1 of my cats comes out in sores when i do. Cheaper than the vet bills in the end.I am sorry I didn't get one off them ages ago.Once again thank-you for the filter Helen