Man Kills Smells With Clever Device

The brainchild of Gareth Williams, it all began when Gareth and his wife noticed that every time they sat down for their evening meal, one of their two cats would decide it was time to use the litter tray. Rather than install an extractor fan, Gareth took to the internet to find a device that would remove the smell and allow the couple to enjoy their dinner in peace.

To GarethÔÇÖs surprise there was nothing out there on the internet for smell removal and storage. Gareth spent quite some time looking. There are portable air purification devices and various portable air filtration devices, but nothing that removed smell and stored the smell internally.

The research and development involved was tough as Gareth needed to find the secret ingredient to add to the carbon to lock the smell inside the device when it is switched off, smell seeped out of the standard carbon. The end result was a high-quality, durable device that is capable or removing and locking away unpleasant smells for a duration of 1-2 years.

Recently, Gareth and his company were recognised in the Research and Development Awards for this pioneering product and its unique technology by being titled with Leader in Research and Development ÔÇô North Wales.

Man Kills Smells With Clever Device