How To Replace Smell Away® Heavy Duty Odour & Dust Filter

  1. Unscrew the 8 screws on the top of the unit and lift lid away.
  2. Lift out the storage filter and fan.
  3. Separate the fan and storage filter, this usually is possible by hand, if not use a screw driver to lever the fan away from the filter.
  4. Put the fan onto the new storage filter, push the fan down until it has reached the point where it won’t push down any more.
  5. Put the assembled storage filter and fan into the unit centrally so the gap between storage filter and the unit is roughly even all the way round 
  6. Line up the electric cable with the groove in the bottom half of the filter unit, this is important so you don’t trap the cable.
  7. Replace top of unit making sure you line up the groove in the top part of the unit with the electric cable, again this is important so you don’t trap the cable.
  8. Screw the 8 screws back into the top of the being careful not to over tighten.
  9. Look through the top of the unit, make sure the fan is centralised. If you need to adjust the fan unit to centralise, then you can push the filter through the side of the unit in the direction it needs to go.