How did Smell Away® come to be?

How did Smell Away® start? Where did the idea come from? Well it all started in early 2021. My wife and I have two cats and when we cook the evening meal and sit down to eat at the dinner table, our cats smell food and decide to use their cat litter tray for a number two, the dinner table like the cat litter tray is near the back door. So we had the problem of always having to eat our evening meal in a bad smell !

I didn't want to put a hole through my home's wall and have to get an electrician to wire up an extractor fan, so I decided I would search through the internet for a portable device and purchase it. Well, to my surprise there was nothing out there on the internet for smell removal and storage, and I spent some time looking too. There are portable air purification devices and various portable air filtration devices, but nothing that removed smell and stored the smell internally.

Being a serial entrepreneur, I had a light bulb moment there and then! The creative inventor in me was sure I can make something to do this for myself and other people. I researched and researched and figured out what would theoretically work.

Next step was to build a prototype, which I did and test, test, test in every stink I could find!