Smell Away® SA1 Dos And Don'ts

Do place near the source of the smell

You will still be able to smell the smell as it travels across the room to the unit, so place the unit near the source of the smell. For example, if a smell was coming in from outside thorough gaps of the closed front door, then you would place the unit by the door.

Do not place immediately next to anything if possible

The unit works better when it is placed at least 6 inches away from a wall or anything else, this isn't essential, the unit will work more efficiently if it has better airflow.

Do keep the unit upright

Keep the unit upright at all times, even when being stored when not used. This avoids moving the carbon around internally when it has settled.

Do not place next to open window if possible

The unit works better in sealed environments, the same way central heating and air-conditioning does. If you have a open window place the unit on the other side of the room.

Do not use in a room with on open external door

The unit won't work very well at all in this environment as the air in the room is impacted continually by the air from outside the room.

Do not use in enclosed very small areas

Do not uses in very small enclosed areas like a cupboard or wardrobe.

Finally... Do please buy...