Smell Away® SA1 Frequently Asked Questions

What smells will it work with?

All smells – really! Any stinky thing you can think of, the Smell Away SA1 can start removing bad odours in minutes.

What is the difference between an Air Purifier and the Smell Away SA1?

Air Purifier is not smell removal and storage! This is the next generation Air Purifier.

Can you use it outdoors?

No. The Smell Away works best in sealed indoor environments just like heating system and air-conditioning.

How much air can it process?

The Smell Away SA1 processes a whopping 100 cubic metres an hour.

How much power does it use?

Less than your average energy saving light bulb, just 14 watts. For example if you are paying 35 pence per kilowatt hour, then 35 x 0.014 = 0.49 pence per hour... Less than half a penny an hour!

Can you use it continuously?

Yes, we tested a unit for 2 years switched on continuously in very smelly environments.

Is it child and animal safe?

Yes. Nothing toxic in the carbon and the square holes at the top of the unit are to British Standards (4mm) so a child can not put their finger in the hole to touch the fan.

How loud is it?

Very quiet, won't be long before you forget it is there. Sound level is 52 decibels at 1 metre, putting that into perspective trickling water & is louder!

Does it just remove smell?

The SA1 removes more than just the odour and smells! It also traps the dirt, dust, pathogens and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in cigarette smoke, paints, air fresheners, and worse from your air.

How to use it to get the best results?

Our system works most efficiently in sealed environments (just like heating systems and air conditioning). It will work in a room with door or window open, just be sure to place the Smell Away SA1 in the opposite side of the room from the open window or door for the best results.

How long does it take for a room to be smell free?

This is very simple, as long as the smell is being produced! Lets give you 2 different scenario examples; 1) Cat litter tray is smelling of poo when you get home, you change the litter in the tray, switch on the Smell Away SA1, minutes later the room with be smell free. 2) With a fire damaged property the smoke will be engrained into the fibre of pretty much everything so the Smell Away SA1 will need to be used continuously for considerable length of time.

How quickly will you post it to me?

Within 1 working day.

How will you post it to me?

UK - UPS Standard (1-2 days), Rest of World - UPS Express Saver (1-5 days).

How long is the power lead?

Approximately 1.8 metres.

Where was it made?

The Smell Away SA1 is proudly handmade in North Wales, UK.

Where will it be posted from?

Every order is shipped from North Wales, UK.

How long will the smell storage last?

Depending on use the filter can last many years. We have been testing the Smell Away SA1 continuously since April 2021 in smelly environments with no degradation in performance so far. Replacement filters are available directly from us for just £43.99.

Any smells it doesn't work with?

Formaldehyde and strong acid smells. Both these fume types are toxic, seek help.

The 'Ferrari' of smell removal...

We believe this is simply the best smell removal and storage device out there, we made one of the colour choices red like a Ferrari!

How do I buy it?